Audi - quattro coaster

TV Commercial extended in augmented reality

The Audi quattro coaster AR app makes it possible for anyone to have an Audi quattro model in their driveway at any time. The app provides an interactive experience triggered by its latest television commercial. In a move to show that Audi’s technological edge is not just in its cars but in the brand’s DNA, it’s the first time a campaign has seen a moving image activate an AR experience.

On watching the TV commercial, viewers’ chosen device recognize the film, at which point the car bursts out of the TV and into the user’s environment. Users can then explore the four Audi quattro models scaled between miniature or actual size, by freely moving their device without having to keep the marker in view. And finally, in life imitating screen, the AR experience allows people to create and test-drive a personalized test-track imitating all four seasons in their own living room or anywhere else they choose.


D&AD 2018 - Wood Pencil, Use of Mobile

Guldägget 2019 - Silver, Digital Craft

Audi Communication Awards 2018 - Gold x 2

FWA February 13 2018

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Client: Audi
Agency: POL