Haleon & The Economist
The Round Table of Health Inclusivity

What we did
Technical Concept development
Creative Direction
Design and construction physical table
Realtime projection mapping
Touch interface and tile interaction
UX development
Visual developmet

The Haleon Round Table of Health Inclusivity is an inclusive physical and virtual table where people from all walks of life are invited to share their lived experience giving more people a chance to engage in a more inclusive conversation around the health system. This is done via the Economist Health Inclusivity Index.

Accessible for people with seeing, hearing and cognitive disabilities. An experience, building an extremely tactile and innovative installation for exploration and education. The content of the table is based on the Health Inclusivity Index presented by The Economist Impact. A snapshot of the state of health inclusivity starting off with 40 countries and 37 indicators.
A first version of the table was delivered to London in October 2022 and is used regularly for different events around the UK. 

Client: Haleon & The Economist 
Agency: Edelman London

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