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An audiovisual experience about Sweden's biggest rock band, portrayed in the place where it all began.

During this audio walk, we take you on a journey through time, via the places where everything started. You will pass crucial and important stops in Eskilstuna, which have shaped the band and its members - both musically and personally.

In this audio walk, you will encounter a different Eskilstuna compared to how it looks today. With a GPS-based app, you will be guided through the streets and squares of Eskilstuna, which serve as the stage for the story. The audio walk offers fun and never-before-told anecdotes, as well as demo recordings from the darkest corners of the closets.
Narrated by: Martin Sköld & Joakim Berg
Written by: Martin Sköld and Åse Haukebö Roos
Producer: Johan Anstérus

Produced by DVA - Creative Technology Studio for Destination Eskilstuna

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