An augmented reality art installation 


What we did
Creative Direction 
AR development
3D-modeling and animation
Sound design 
Google Spatial API integration 
Tardigrades are microscopic survivors, capable of resisting extreme temperatures, from the absolute freezing point to extreme heat. They survive in space and can remain frozen for thirty years, resist vacuum and radiation through a chemical kind of suspended animation. Yet they are highly sensitive to climate change, when their environments are threatened due to a rise in temperatures in their natural habitats, wetlands and moss. They are resilient fighters in a microscopic format. 

The Slow Walker project by Peder Bjurman aims to place microscopic tardigrades as gigantic AR-objects in the city square Vaksala torg, and make them visually present using geo-fencing and smartphones. The colossally enhanced creatures measure about 50×100 meters, and move extremely slow through the square, grazing and interacting with the audience as they come closer.

Concept, text and direction: Peder Bjurman
Music: Abul Mogard
Voice over: Anne Ingemann
Supported by the Swedish Arts Council

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