Trä - och möbelföretagen
Table of Discussion

What we did
Creative Engineering 
p2p video chat technology
CAD and 3D-print
Table of Discussion is an interactive table that connects first time voters all over Sweden directly to the Swedish parliament in real time.

In a collaboration between DVA, Edelman Deportivo and C&D Snickeri in Falköping, we designed the table of discussion to not show any of the underlying technology, and only present a holographic two-way conversation.

The tables, if connected to a power source, would seamlessly establish a peer-to-peer connection to each other over 4G and without even pressing a button, first time voters can discuss with the parliament. And thanks to the see through screen and the camera behind it, true eye contact in a video chat was finally achieved!

Client: TMF - Trä och möbelindustrin 
Agency: Edelman Deportivo 

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