The Royal Swedish Opera
Opening The Opera

What we did
Creative Direction
Augmented Reality Development
App Development
UX & Design 
Volumetric Capture
Since 1924 The Royal Swedish Opera has presented its repertoire in an acclaimed print.

With the purpose of reaching a younger and wider audience we helped them launch the new season — in augmented reality.

In a seamless transition from the printed catalogue to the audio-visual experience in your device, the print now brings everything the Opera has to offer to its audience.
We've brought each page to life in the printed catalogue with pioneering technologies like real-time 3D, photogrammetry and volumetric film.

By developing an application that in real-time analyzes the music in each opera, all the visual effects are driven by the rhythm and tune of the music.

We're proud to continue our research into what a printed catalog can offer!

Kungliga Operan / The Royal Swedish Opera

Guldägget 2020 Silver - Digital craft
Clio Entertainment Bronze Winner Digital / Mobile 2019
Swedish Publishing Price Shortlist 2019

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