Trim On
A Virtual Sailing Camp


What we did
Concept development
Creative Direction 
Virtual Reality development
UX & UI-design 
Film production

Trim On is a new way to learn how to sail In this virtual reality experience, you will learn the basics of sailing, including how to maneuver the boat in different wind and weather conditions. You will also learn how to trim the sail for different wind speeds, how to sail around a course, and how to race against your friends.

A first version of Trim On will be available for yacht clubs around the world in the summer of 2023. Made in Unity for Meta Quest.

Lars Linger is one of the top sailors in the world. By using VR technology Lars wants to teach young people how to sail and democratize the sport he dedicated his career to. His vision is that sailing should be accessible to everyone across the globe. Especially children who are less fortunate and children at hospitals that can’t sail in real life.

Client: Trim On
Photographer: Henrik Trygg
Sound design: PLOP

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