Weland World AR

2018 - 2019
What we did
Creative Engineering
CAD and 3D-print
Physical Construction
Augmented Reality production
3D-modeling and animation 
UX & design 
Weland is one of the leading steel and iron manufacturing companies in Sweden with factories and headquarter in the small town Smålandssstenar.

We created a mixed media installation to work as a sales tool for Weland on fairs and trade shows. The model was hand-made in our studio and designed to look like a miniature version of Smålandsstenar. 

In the iPads, the physical model comes to life in augmented reality. The buildings get textures, the streets are filled with cars and people and empty areas are populated with trees and vegetation.

At selected parts of the model, users could experience how Weland products are being used everywhere and everyday.

Client: WELAND AB 
Agency: PS Occasion

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