We invent, design and build physical prototypes, proof-of-concepts, installations, and other fun things.

We love to get our hands dirty. 3D printing, sketching, robotics and prototyping are some of the tools we use. For us creative engineering is having the capacity to create whatever is needed based on a idea and vision.


■ Interactive installations
■ Robotics
■ 3D-print & CAD
■ Innovation

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We produce award-winning pioneering Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences.  

Volumetric film, photogrammetry, realtime 3D development and CGI are some of the tehnologies we use in our projects. We are completely agnostic when it comes to our tools and use what’s best for the project, whether it’s Unity, Unreal Engine, Spark AR, Lens Studio etc.


■ Immersive storytelling
■ Full stack VR/AR production
■ Augmented reality apps
■ AR for social medias 

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We use innovation to help our clients solve communication problems.

For us, innovation is to combine different techniques, platforms and data in new and interesting ways. Prototyping is our go-to approach to help us define and refine.


■ Creative Direction
■ Business Development  
■ Prototyping
■ Research & Development

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